OM-Gym! Hilarious Photos You Can Only Spot at the Gym

By Ria

Some of us love the gym. Some of us avoid it like my dog avoids the vacuum cleaner, or like I avoid crying babies on airplanes (just kidding, your kid is adorable . . . ).

One thing I can confidently say we all love is when we’re mid-workout and something entertaining happens. Maybe your favorite show airs on the TV right in front of you. Maybe your earbuds start to blast your favorite song! Maybe that guy who takes selfies stands in the perfect spot for you to photobomb his Instas. Score!

We salute those moments and people who make the gym more entertaining and enjoyable. Like this guy with the chicken leg socks–thank you. This is the kind of thing we need to finish our treadmill sesh with flair. Well, that and some of these other next-level gym shots . . .